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art is a statement. design is an answer.

Art and design serve very different purposes. They can be complementary or opposed and each should elicit a conversation, but art can exist on its own. It provides a commentary on its subject matter through the artist’s eyes and experience, offering no further insight than its existence. Whereas design must offer a response. Design is the answer to some kind of question and provides a tangible solution in the graphic or industrial design disciplines.

What e.ditions by designoMatt offers is purely art pieces. Statements or expressions about the world around us, ideas for consideration or whimsy for laughs.

e.ditions also offers authored and curated iBooks. The iOS platform offers an incredible framework to present information in an education, engaging and entertaining manner. We leverage that platform to create books that immerse you in the subject through our unique narrative and use of rich media to support the story.

e.ditions by designoMatt


With a traditional training in the fine arts and illustration, we base our original concepts on a wide variety of topics for our illustrations. From original concepts, licensed characters and pop culture, we  work in a wide variety of styles to accommodate the project.


We work with a wide variety of film and digital formats to capture the perfect shot. From large and medium format films to instants and digital, we try to match the process with the idea to develop an original concept.


With the launch of our first iBook, in a new series, we have begun authoring original content for the iBooks platform. Having been involved with Apple Developer Program since its inception, and authored numerous apps, we think iBooks is another avenue to deliver unique and engaging content for our original projects.


Our disney galaxy prints offers a unique view into some of the most iconic attractions in destination tourism. These images begins as series of photographs, when combined form a panorama; an equirectangular panorama to be more specific, which captures the entire 360-degrees from a specific point of view.

From there, the image is further enhanced and manipulated through a stereographic projection to create what many call a tiny planet or planosphere. We use the term disney galaxy, since much of our fine art prints center around icons in our hometown.


shv_logo_02SuperHeroes and Villains is another ongoing fine-art print series based around the many and varied icons found in today’s popular culture. Distilling the essence of some of the most well-known characters and representing them with their most simplest form – their iconic costume.


We have authored our first book and naturally, it is an iBook. The Essential e.lements of Disney’s Magic Kingdom is a guide book offering new visitors and seasoned guests a look inside the Magic Kingdom theme park in the Walt Disney World Resort.

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  • e.lements of Star Wars, original trilogy
    e.lements of Star Wars, original trilogy

    Periodic table of e.lements of the original trilogy in the Star Wars series

  • Boston Strong
    Boston Strong

    Image dedicated to the strength of Boston's people after the attacks at the Boston Marathon.

  • e.lements of Star Wars, new trilogy
    e.lements of Star Wars, new trilogy

    Periodic table of elements for the new trilogy of Star Wars films

  • Flat Mickey
    Flat Mickey

    Illustration in the manner of the "app icon" which has become so prevalent as to spawn a new industry of artists.

  • Flat Donald
    Flat Donald

    Illustration in the manner of the "app icon" which has become so prevalent as to spawn a new industry of artists.